About Us

In 1991 the economist José Almagro Pedreño founded Bayes Forecast in Madrid (Spain). New offices were established in Sao Paulo (Brazil) and Mexico City (Mexico), in 2001 and 2011, respectively. Hence, Bayes has became a key-company for business, helping large companies in the whole world to make decisions.

We offer support by professionals of several knowledge areas (Statistics, Mathematics, Economics, Technology and Development, among others), with the appropriate level of technical quality (PhD, Masters degree, and specialists) to support our customers.

Our business is to create and to help our customers to create intelligence.Intelligence leads to optimization of business decisions through statistical models that have been increasingly consolidated as great tools of business. We differentiate ourselves based on the ability of understanding the past, explaining the future, and offering tools to the client. Once the clients have all this information, they could make the best decision. Our ability of predict is the best of the market, because we use strategies of Bayesian modeling that reaches unbelievable results, carefully calculated for matching to reality.

We understand that this forecast process, focusing in the decision needs of the client, involves the participation of the customer. In all steps of this process, the client is the main character, offering us sensitivity about the business and the refinement for forecasting. Consequently, the client acquires a best understanding about the own business and becomes the main agent in the construction of decision making.

We invest our time and technology to optimize world decisions, to make the society more aware and the resources more perennial. We believe that when we help companies to take the best decision, we could maximize corporate earnings and preserving the whole environment.
Have an experience with us and be sure to be on the right path.