Bayes Web Suite

Its use is fully integrated with the functions of the mathematical models of the TOL (Time Oriented Language), developed by Bayes Forecast

The information in the Web Suite Bayes are stored in a centralized and accessible way, allowing you to track the long-term evolution of the forecasting process, comparing the actual data to forecasted data (probabilistic data) via OLAP cubes, charts and reports.

Also, our tool allows the implementation of new modules, according to the degree of maturity of the company in relation to analysis and diversity of technical studies.
All modules are integrated automatically, without the need for consulting.
In addition, the Web Suite Bayes adopts standards for interfaces, facilitating the training of users.


  • Cross-platform support (Windows, Unix and Linux).
  • WEB solution, accessible in any Web browser (Firefox, Internet Explorer, etc).
  • Allows the creation of different types of three-dimensional models, such as: Star Schema, Snow Flake.
  • Has a high performance and easy maintenance of data-processing mechanisms.
  • Allows scheduling of tasks in the extraction, transformation and loading of data.
  • Supports centralized generation of levels and user profiles.
  • Access to data through password and permissions.
  • Easy reporting, just by dragging and dropping elements on the tool.
  • Allows for the rapid interpretation of complex data.
  • Allows the generation of Dashboards.