Business Intelligence

Our Business Intelligence enables companies to react nimbly to the increasing complexity of markets, adapting decisions likely future scenarios.

Our approach to Business Intelligence (BI) incorporates a methodological framework which ensures that our solutions are evaluated according to the results obtained in the process of business operations.

Along with an open structure of market research and business, our business intelligence system accumulates information (data, models, functions and knowledge of costs) and generates reports.

The components of our BI system are:

  • A repository for detailed information about markets, customers, operations, business tools, economic variables and meteorological variables.
  • Models that represent the demand of each product by target groups or individual customers. We can also generate probabilistic forecasts of the evolution of demand that are conditional on certain actions: as the introduction of new products, competitor behavior and other economic factors, technological, or regulatory weather.
  • Functions of cost, utility or profit that express the direct costs of the actions and the changes in the value of affected customers.
  • Open mechanisms to retrieve information, create new groups of customers, or algebraic treatments of new information.
  • Automatic control systems of the market that produce reports and result in new modeling processes. These may end in new shares, the introduction of new products or changes in the operations.
  • Interfaces with different users that provide easy mechanisms for monitoring and research. Develop high-level interfaces, intuitive and flexible to each client according to their needs.